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Function and Application
Trident is a superior digitiser providing true 24-bit performance. This compact and robust instrument is equally suited to fixed and portable applications. Individual Trident three-channel units can be daisy-chained together to form a six-channel system that works well for many applications; a simple, effective and low-cost concept
  • Superior performance, true 24-bit resolution with 142 dB dynamic range
  • Versatile software programmable front-end gain to support a wide range of sensor types
  • Remote mass-centering and calibration functions, ideal for broadband applications
  • More freedom in placing remote site components with NMXbus technology
  • Scalable design that allows individual 3-channel units to be configured separately and daisy-chained for multi-channel systems
Superior data quality
Nanometrics' new discrete sigma-delta design moves beyond the common chip set approach to provide true 24-bit performance with a typical dynamic range of 142 dB. In fact, maximum performance is achieved when the word length is configured to 26 bits. Trident functions as a pure analogue-to-digital converter, acquiring data from a single 3-component seismometer. Unlike other digitisers, Trident is not packaged with the communications interface and timing system. Instead, it is housed separately and placed in the seismometer vault. This results in improved long period performance and better data quality since Trident benefits from the same temperature-stable environment as the seismometer. In addition, a shorter, more economical seismometer cable can be used.
Versatile and user-friendly operation
Trident includes comprehensive seismometer control functions. It eliminates the use of external boxes, hand-held control units and complicated cabling. Software selectable sensitivity, mass centering, mass positioning, monitoring, and calibration can be handled remotely through the Trident from the control site. This reduces site visits, provides for easier deployment in portable applications, and allows the Trident to operate with a wide range of active and passive seismometers and transducers without modification.
Simple cabling with the NMXbus
The NMXbus technology facilitates the best possible remote site installation without extensive pre-planning. Remote seismic installations often involve the challenge of finding a secure, quiet, and temperature-stable location for the seismometer and digitiser while positioning the GPS, VSAT or RF antenna in a more exposed area, or even by moving the seismometer to a less desirable location.

NMXbus eliminates the compromises. The simple twisted-pair NMXbus cable is the only connection necessary between the Trident and the communications interface since it fully supports bi-directional data communications, timing, and power distribution.

Cabling is easier and less costly with the NMXbus technology. Cables no longer need to be custom-measured and planned in detail for each remote site. Instead, RF and seismometer cables can be ordered in lengths that are standard for all sites. There is no need to predetermine the length of the NMXbus cable since it can easily be cut to length on-site. NMXbus cable runs up to about 150m long and is relatively inexpensive. It is also compact, flexible, and portable.
Freedom in design
Trident is sold as a standard three-channel instrument that can be daisy-chained to form a six-channel system. Each digitiser is an identical unit that can be configured independently.

The concept offers a great deal of freedom in network design. Full channel capacity need not be determined upon initial setup or purchase because Tridents can be quickly and easily linked as more channels are required. Such scalability makes Trident well suited to fixed, portable, and structural monitoring networks.
Reliable telemetry
Trident can be teamed with a Cygnus VSAT transceiver or Janus-IP communications controller to cover most telemetry options.

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